"Unlike ‘oppressive othering,’ whereby a dominant group marks another group as inferior through the use of classification schemes, myths, and stereotypes in the (re)creation of inequality, defensive othering is a type of identity work employed by subordinates who seek membership in the dominant group or attempt to distance themselves from the stigma linked to their status."

Karen Pyke and Trau Dang

On the by and bye, this is why I don’t like those attempts to (re)sexualize Asian men, especially when Asian men were already originally sexualized in the white imagination as the perverted Oriental with his harem of secret beauties, veiled wives or fan-masked geishas. I don’t find empowerment in determining sexuality according to the standards of ideologies that used to portray (and still do) (straight) Chinese men as preying on white women and prostituting Chinese women.

I don’t feel the impetus to fight anti-Asian racism by demonstrating Asians can be sexy by the standards of white supremacy. It proves nothing to a people of nothing.